Encompassing 85% of Australia, but with only 3% of the population, remote and regional Australia is extraordinarily diverse. The Tracker Development team are passionate about the people and organisations, towns and communities of urban Australia. 

We bring wide-ranging experience, built on a long track record of collaboration, problem-solving and deep engagement with those living and working in remote and regional Australia.  Tracker Development has the knowledge, energy, networks and approach to make sure your next project succeeds. 

Our team have all lived and worked in remote Australia.  We understand its richness and potential, but also its complexity.  Our approach is based on respect, consultation and mutuality.  We are driven, focussed on working with you to provide results that are grounded, realistic, innovative and connected to the community in which they need to work.

Remote and regional Australia is populated by an extraordinary range of people and enterprises, operating in its many extraordinary environments.  We know that the excellence produced out bush matches that produced in urban settings.  Our commitment is to create successful and long-lasting results and genuine benefits for your business and community.

Tim Acker is a tireless and multidimensional professional with experience and knowledge beyond other industry experts we know.  Tracker Development provides honest, prompt and reliable information and has helped us realise many incredible outcomes in a very busy and high pressure environment. Tim provides us with a level of community engagement we cannot find elsewhere, enhancing our professional networks and always achieving real tangible outcomes.  Honestly, there are times when we think, what would we do without Tracker Development? Who would we call?

- Palya Walkumunu

Emilia Galatis and Eunice Porter, Warakurna Artists